Space, Placeand Relationships.

The Project

The Space, Place and Relationships project is finding out what helps young people with disability who live in country areas feel like they belong and they are connected.

30 young people from country towns in NSW, Queensland and Victoria did this research with us. They took amazing photos about what is really important in their lives.

We had 3 big art exhibitions to show this work. Now, we are showing it on the internet.

We wanted to do this so that the young people in each area could see each other’s work. We also think other people will learn a lot by looking at these beautiful photos.

As the project comes to an end, we will share all the reports and easy read papers on this site for everyone to read.


I was happy when I got my Learners.

I love posing in the car with friends.

Celebrity Heads is a great game to do in a group.

I love swimming.

I loved working at the library.

I love my friend Luke.


I love drumming and i love to watch people play the drums.

I loved working at the library.

I love my friend Luke.


Follow your heart and intuition.

Believe in yourself and make a peaceful and powerful transformation on friends and family around you.

Nothing is impossible. Live it up. Sunset.


I love shopping!

I am a good swimmer.

I work at kindy.

I love dancing.