Mothers and children with disability using violence prevention and early intervention services: building promising practice

The Project

This research will develop an understanding of what helps in early intervention support for families when domestic and family violence is a risk and either mothers or children have disability.

The project will continue until Early 2019. Descriptions of the project, the team and ways we will tell others about the findings can be found through the above page tabs.

Project details

Disability in mothers and/or children can make it harder for early intervention services to provide effective support. Services which support people with disability often have very limited capacity in responding to risks of family violence, while services focused on violence prevention are often not skilled in identifying and addressing disability support needs. Despite these challenges, innovative and responsive practices are occurring to support families with disability. However, little is known about the ways that early intervention services respond to women and their children to meet their needs and preferences, and build capacity in them, organisationally and at wider social levels.

The project stages

This project will review existing research; interview mothers, children and service providers; share results in a national round-table; and develop reports to share the results.


As we do the research, we will find out new things we didn’t know before. We want everyone to know about these things so we will write them up into reports and make them available here. We will also make a copy of everything we write in easy-read language.

We will also hold meetings, exhibitions or talks about what we found too. These talks will be advertised in advance.


Southern Cross University researchers: Associate Professor Sally Robinson, Natalie Parmenter

UNSW researchers: kylie valentine, BJ Newton, Ciara Smyth

Partners: Uniting, MacKillop Family Services, Social Futures, Relationships Australia


You can contact us if you would like to know more about the project or our planned events. Please call or email Sally. Her details are below:

Dr Sally Robinson

Lead Researcher – Disability Research Agenda

Centre for Children and Young People

Southern Cross University

Telephone: 02 6620 3134


Making sure the project is safe and fair

We need to make sure our research is safe and fair for people to be involved. We have an Ethics Committee that helps us make sure this happens. If you are worried about this project, you can write to them. They will check to make sure the project is still safe and fair for everyone.

You can contact them by writing them a letter and sending it to:

Ethics Complaints Officer

Human Research Ethics Committee

Southern Cross University

PO Box 157 Lismore

NSW 2480

Or you can email them at: