This site shows our current and recent research with children and young people with disability.

We started this site to share our research with people in a more accessible way. All of this research is part of the Centre for Children and Young People (CCYP) at Southern Cross University.

Please also see www.ccyp.scu.edu.au for projects about children with disability (2014 and earlier), and for other interesting research about children’s wellbeing in schools, ethics, and loss and grief.

The young people on our team

We made a short film about all of the important work and many ways young people help us with the research. You can view the film below.


Relationships and Recognition

We want to know how young people and support workers feel cared for, respected and valued in their relationships with each other. We are also looking for when they may not feel these things either.

The Safety Project

The Safety Project is finding out about what helps young people with disability feel and be safe.

Telling your story

In this project, we are asking all the people who are part of the Community Inclusion Initiative to tell us what it’s like to be involved.

Space, Place and Relationships

The Space, Place and Relationships project is finding out what helps young people with disability who live in country areas feel like they belong and they are connected.